Jan 13

Happy New Year

As we limp into this new year, let us all be grateful that we made it - at least one more year. Sure, the economy isn't great, the outlook is dim, and Madoff is living in his $7 million penthouse while awaiting trial. Exactly, life is not fair, but what can you do? There really aren't many options beside moving forward the best we can.

Life never was and never will be fair. However, with the beginning of a new year we get an opportunity to set new goals, work a little harder and be a little better. With everyone working toward simple goals like that the overall effect could be astounding. As a mix between the "Butterfly Effect" and "The Golden Rule" each one of us can make a difference.

Nov 18


Well, for good or bad the elections are finally over. Hopefully the markets will stabilize and people can get back to work and make things happen. We have spent the better part of two years looking for a replacement for President Bush and not enough time on ourselves. With the exception of a few people we have been wasting time. It will be nice to finally put all the politics aside and get back to work.

We are really hoping that the economy will settle and regulate itself now that we have a president elected. Whether you agree with him or not, he is the president and will be for at least four years.

Sep 9

Web Design Theft

I used to enjoy browsing the websites of designers I admired, browsing their portfolios and learning what I could from others better than myself. I often draw inspiration from many different websites when starting my own design projects. Cameron Moll authored an article entitled, "Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal." Well, he didn't mean it like it sounds, but some people must have taken him literally – like this company.

I think we might be a little more flattered had they done something with the design.

Aug 1

New Blog Design

We would like to apologize for the long wait. It has been four long months and we are excited to finally transfer our blog from Wordpress. Wordpress was a great tool for us and served its purpose. We still believe that Wordpress is a fabulous tool and is a great blog software. However, at this point we wanted a more complete integration of our site and blog.

Our site is now completely and seamlessly integrated into our blog. No more dual logins and separate databases. The migration was not that difficult, but definitely worth the hassle.

We realized after our site redesign in January that our blog would need to become an integrated part of our site.

May 16

Website Design Utah

Utah has a unique business culture, not in any other context than just being unique.

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