I had a client ask me that question once. My response was, “Do you want your business to be successful?” and he replied, “Of course!” I went on to explain why a company’s logo is so important to it’s success. When we finished our conversation he told me that he had never thought of a logo as vital to a business, but now had changed his mind.

Logos speak volumes of the entity they represent. If you think about a particular company what comes to mind? The logo. Now, there are two main functions of a logo:

  1. To visually communicate what the company does or provides
  2. To create a memorable/recognizable reference for future encounters

If I ask you what AT&T’s logo looks like you could probably come pretty darn close to drawing it yourself. That’s due in part to the fact that you see it almost daily, but partly because it’s simple and effective in communicating the company’s branding. That stylized blue globe denotes “world wide communication” and it’s very effective. That sums up both reasons why logos are vital. If your logo can’t say those two things then it’s not very effective.

There are many options available for logo design. The internet is flooded with websites for just this purpose. Several years ago I worked for one such company - a very reputable and well-known company I might add. They offered a great service that filled a growing need. Because of the entrepreneurial spirit of this country there will always be an ever expanding need to create logos. During my time with this company I created hundreds of logo compositions. In fact, I alone created over 140 logos with 2-4 compositions per logo. It kept me very busy. I found that while the logos created there were of a high quality the process wasn’t quite complete. There were ample opportunities for the customer to respond by form and with a project manager, but there wasn’t any direct collaboration with the designer. An element that I consider to be vital even though the client should leave most of the design decisions to the designer.

When clients come to me looking to design or redesign a logo I welcome and expect their input. However, it always comes back to the classic question, “You don’t tell your doctor how to do his job, so, why would you tell me how to do mine?” I enjoy interacting with the client and many times their feedback is helpful. Although, there have been times when I finish a logo and don’t care to claim it as my work. As I have given into the irrational design decisions requested by the client. If you’re wondering how this is related to the original topic, it’s simple — I’m a professional that understands the role a logo plays in the success of your company. The client came to me because I know how to complete the task. Don’t ask for help and then a tell a person how to help you.

I stress this because of how important a logo truly is. Sometimes it’s the only statement you’ll get to make about yourself to a potential customer. If it is, do you really want a sub-par, amateur logo doing the talking? Do yourself a favor and see a professional. There a thousands of designers out there that have the skill to make your logo actually work for you. Take the time and spend the money to do it right. A good logo will go a long way in establishing your business.There are also many other valuable considerations for logos and I don’t mean to leave them out of the main discussion so I’ll leave them here as food for thought. Logos should:

  • Convey credibility
  • Symbolize the business they represent
  • Convey trust
  • Be interesting not distracting
  • Communicate a message
  • Take prominent placement

In sum, logos are very, very important. Never take them for granted, update them, show them off, let them work for you not against you. As with most of my personal decisions I have a prejudice based on logos. 99 times out of 100 I will pass up a business with a poor logo for another with a good logo. To me it speaks volumes of how that company thinks. To me it says, “Hey, we care about our company’s image.” Take it to heart. Look at your logo, does it need some work? Hopefully now you’ll be more informed as to why you should take care of your company’s image.

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Shabbir Hussain
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Reply #1 on : Fri January 15, 2010, 15:47:06
I agree there is a need to help clients understand the importance. But I having second thoughts on your point "To visually communicate what the company does or provides". Is it necessary for a sports company to convey sports in their logo? I think its more about the attitude and philosophy of business along with the 6 months of brand strategy that follows a logo design or re-design.
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Re: Is a logo important?
Reply #2 on : Fri February 03, 2012, 13:20:19
Trader Secret
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Reply #3 on : Thu September 26, 2013, 17:59:35
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Travailler a domicile
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Reply #4 on : Tue December 24, 2013, 02:20:03
Bravo, c est un plaisir de vous lire
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